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Some recently published articles written by Frank Miscia:

  • "Extrication: Working Through The Wreckage", Gold Cross, Summer 1997

  • "Moving The Dash Away From Trapped Occupants", Firehouse, June 1999

  • "Vehicle Extrication Dangers", Advanced Rescue Technology, July/August 1999

  • "Vehicle Extrication Case Scenarios", Advanced Rescue Technology, September/October 1999

  • "The Upper Rail and Rocker Panel Drop", Advanced Rescue Technology, December 2000/January 2001

  • "Training for Vehicle Extrication", Advanced Rescue Technology, June/July 2001

  • "Case Report: Life Imitates Rescuers' Vehicle Extrication Drill", Advanced Rescue Technology, December 2002/January 2003

  • "New Car Designs:  Safer for Occupants, Risky for Rescuers", National Safety Council's Every Second Counts and Traffic Safety, March/April 2003

  • "Upper Rail Relief Cut," p. 76, 77, 331, 333, Vehicle Rescue and Extrication by Ronald E. Moore, Second Edition

  • "SUV -- Car Collisions Cause for Action?"  New Jersey Lawyer Newspaper, December 2003

  • "New Air Bag Systems Pose Challenges to Rescuers", Gold Cross, Spring 2004

  • "SUV Extrication Part One", Advanced Rescue Technology, October/November 2005

  • "SUV Extrication Part Two", Advanced Rescue Technology, December 2005/January 2006

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