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We offer a full range of training programs customized to suit your department's SOPs, rescue vehicle, and the type of rescue equipment utilized by your rescue team. Included in our courses are topics such as extrication techniques and vehicle dangers.

We also have CEU Training Programs approved by the NJ Department of Health for continuing education.

Air Bags, How Dangerous Are They?

Air bags are just one of the many hazards EMS and Fire personnel must contend with during an extrication call. In our Vehicle Dangers Course we answer the misconceptions and myths about air bag and also cover the other hazards found in motor vehicles. Let us update your training so that you can provide the best protection for your members and the patients you are caring for.

Some of the techniques covered


Classroom Lecture

  • New Vehicle Designs and Structures
  • Airbag & Seatbelt Restraint Systems
  • Scene Management
  • Approaching A Vehicle Safely
  • Vehicle Impacts
  • Vehicle Dangers
  • Stablization Points
  • Tool Limits & Capabilities
  • Entry & Exit Points

Practical Session

  • Basic & Advance Entry & Exit Points
  • Third Door Opening
  • Two-Door Lay Down
  • A, B & C Post Push
  • Upper Rail Cut - Front & Rear of Vehicle
  • Rocker Panel Drop; Floor Pan Drop
  • A, B & C Post Roof Lift
  • Steering Wheel Lift
  • Dash Lift
  • Seat Push and Pivot
  • Wheel Anchoring Points
  • Side-Impact Points

Our practical sessions include the "create-a-crash" method of simulating damage to vehicles. This provides students with an opportunity to work with actual crash situations and will help them in understanding vehicle damage assessment.

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