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Air Bags, How Dangerous Are They?

There are many myths and misconceptions about air bag safety systems. Let our updated Vehicle Dangers Course bring your members up to date with air bags and other hazards that are part of a modern vehicle's design. Protection of your rescuers and their patients is our primary concern.

Currently working with:

  • Dr. Jim Onder, National Highway Traffic Safety Administraton Safety Expert; regarding vehicle design and safety for passengers.

  • Insurance Institute For Highway Safety; regarding crash test results.

  • Pete Jerabek, Manager - Safety Affairs and Regulations, General Motors, Warren, MI; regarding GM safety systems, vehicle structures, designs, and educating EMS personnel on late model vehicles.

  • Ron E. Moore Extrication Expert with FireHouse Magazine; regarding safe protocols for EMS response and safe patient care.

  • Mitch Stewart, Manager - Hurst Jaws of Life Training Academy; regarding safe protocols for EMS response and safe patient care.

  • SAE Air Bag Identification Task Force

  • Conducting Extrication Seminars with Tony Levens, Northeast Regional Director for General Motors Training Center in Tarrytown NY.

  • National Safety Council Transportation Venue publications, including 'Every Second Counts' and 'Traffic Safety' magazines, to assist in the promotion of safe driving habits for the general public.

  • New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety

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